Whistle Signals

Attention : one short blast (dit)

Leaders come here: 3 short blasts and one long blast (dit dit dit dah)

All come here : 3 short blasts (dit dit dit)

All come here quickly : 5 short blasts (dit dit dit dit dit)

Scatter / go further out : 3 long blasts (dah dah dah)

Warning, be ready : alternate short and long blasts twice (dit dah, dit dah)

Silence, lights out, evening Colours, Halt etc. : one long blast (dah)

Rising whistle : dit dit dah, dit dit dah, dit dit dah, dah - "Get up Guides, Get up Guides, Get up NOW Guides"

Cookhouse : dit dit dit dit-dit dah dit, dit dit dit dit-dit dah - "Come to the cookhouse door, Guides, Come to the cookhouse door."

Make sure the distinction between long and short blasts is very clear!

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