BOGUK interest badges

BOGUK The Web Designer

Complete clauses 1 and 2 and five others of your choice which provide a personal challenge.

1. Create a website on a subject of your choice, consisting of at least 5 pages with relevant content and links between them. This should be a site you have designed yourself using an HTML editor or WYSIWYG editor, not just a ready-made template.

2. a) Be aware of copyright concerning the content of websites and the downloading of information , and put this knowledge into practice on your website.
b) Read the Guide Association's Internet Safety Guidelines. If your website is a Guiding site, put them into practice on your website.

3. Create some original graphics for your site. You should learn to save these in gif and jpg format. Try to ensure that your gif graphics have transparent backgrounds.

4. Add animated graphics to your site.

5. Add a facility to download a document from your site (rather than just copy/save as)

6. Learn to use frames and add them to your website. Make sure links are targeted so viewers aren't trapped in your frames when they try to move on.

7. Learn basic HTML and create a web page using raw HTML rather than a package.

8. Examine at least four websites run by Guide or Scout Groups and discuss the good and bad design used in each.

9. Add links from your site to other sites of interest.

10. Evaluate the possibilities for hosting your website. Choose the one that meets your needs most appropriately. Know how to prepare your site for submission to a search engine and then submit it.

11. Help somebody else to create a basic website

12. Add sound or video to your site. If you add background music, make sure it has the facility for the viewer to turn it off if they wish.

13. Create a feedback form, survey form or other form for your website.

14. Create an area of your website that is accessible only by entering a password and/or login.

15. Add javascript to your page for a special function, e.g. rollover buttons, right-click disable, site bookmark etc

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