Weather Story/Game
Aimed at Rainbows

This story can be used for:

Circle running - sit the Rainbows down in a circle and label them rain, cloud, sun, wind in order. If their word is called, they must run around the outside and back to their seat. (Similar to, but less hazardous than, 'Ladders.')
If "rainbow" or "weather" is called, everybody runs around (or just stands up and sits down.)

Story noises - sit the Rainbows down in a circle and label them rain, cloud, sun, wind in order. They should make the appropriate noise if their word is called, everybody making their noises for "weather" and everybody cheering at the word "rainbow" Or they could all make the appropriate noise for each types of weather.

Numbers indicate frequency of use, suggested noises are in brackets. Key words are capitalised to be emphasised and warn the reader where they should pause.

rain 5 (pitter patter)
cloud 5 (grump grump)
sun 5 (oh how lovely)
wind 5 (whoosh, whoosh)

weather 2 (any of the above)
rainbow 2 ([cheer] yay!)

Story :
Once upon a time, Little Bear and his mother, Mrs Bear, went out to the shops. It was SUNny morning but Mrs Bear didn't like the look of the CLOUDs in the sky. "The WEATHER report didn't sound good today" she said.
She told Little Bear to put his coat on and she picked up her umbrella in case it RAINed. They walked down the street towards the shops. First they went into the chemists, where Mrs Bear bought some SUN cream for the summer. She spent a long time choosing and Little Bear got bored. He knocked over a display of hair bands and they tumbled down like RAINdrops. They spent a long time picking them all up - they were in all the colours of the RAINBOW. "Can we go now?" asked Little Bear.
When they went outside the WIND had got up and, although it was still SUNny, they were pushed along to the next shop by the WIND. Mrs Bear nearly lost her hat!
The next shop was a grocer's shop. Mrs Bear bought some oranges and some potatoes and some SUNflower seeds for Little Bear to plant in the garden.
The next shop they went into was a shoe shop. Little Bear had grown out of his wellington boots. They tried on lots of different pairs and ended up with a pair with frogs eyes on the toes. Mrs Bear looked out of the WINDow and said "I think you'd better wear them today."
The shopkeeper put Little Bear's shoes into a bag and gave it to him to carry. When Little Bear and Mrs Bear left that shop, the sky was darker - the WIND had pushed all the CLOUDS over the village and they were hiding the SUN. Next Little Bear and Mrs Bear went into the library and got some books out for him to read. One was about the WEATHER - it had pictures of RAINdrops on the
cover. Little Bear wanted to read it on the way home, but Mrs Bear put the books into a plastic bag. "Just in case", she said.
They left the library and began to walk home but, oh dear, drop drop drop, it had started to RAIN. The CLOUDs were black and doing their very best to get Mrs Bear and Little Bear quite wet. The WIND was still blowing and soon the CLOUDs were all pushed away and it stopped RAINing. Little Bear quite enjoyed splashing about in the puddles in his new wellies. Mrs Bear looked up and said "Look Little Bear, a RAINBOW! Well every CLOUD has a silver lining."


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