CAMP THEMES : Dig For Victory

Ideas for Names

Leaders :
General - GIC
Sergeant Major - QM
Medic - First Aider
Corporal - Unit Helper

Gas Masks,
Stirrup Pumps,
Incendiary Bombs
Barrage Balloons

Guider's Tents : Officer's Quarters
Patrol Tents : Air Raid Shelters
Store Tents : Bomb Craters
Cooking/Eating area : NAAFI
First Aid Tent : Field Hospital


Crafts and Games : make own ID cards, evacuees’ name labels and "gas masks."
"Make Do And Mend" : using only the clothes they have brought with them and anything they can borrow or scrounge, make themselves a “new” outfit;
"Waste Not, Want Not" : make a useful item out of rubbish / discarded stuff; matchbox furniture (a craft taken from a wartime children’s book – you will need to collect empty matchboxes for some time before camp) - doll’s house style furniture can be made by glueing matchboxes together covering with newspaper and painting them.
"Even The Walls Have Ears" – tell them that spies are listening to their every word. If you overhear anything said within their tents and can identify the speaker, she must pay a forfeit. This might even teach them to keep their voices down at night!
"Be Like Dad And Keep Mum" - you would recognise this as Charades or Give Us A Clue – patrols have to mime, or otherwise convey without speaking, words or phrases, song / film titles etc..

Traditional games with minimal equipment : hopscotch if you have a hard surface or means to mark out the squares, skipping, ball games, hide-and-seek, tag in its 1000s of variations, any singing ring games you can remember.

Night Game : (and a way of getting them back to their tents quietly!) It needs to be dark for this one. Set the scene : they have been to the local "Hop" with the GIs and have to sneak backhome in the blackout without irate fathers finding out. In pairs, and with a torch to flick on and off to avoid tripping, they have to get back to their tents without getting caught. Guiders spotting a light shout "Mind that light!" and it must be put out immediately. They will stumble and giggle as they try to move quietly, but take my advice and don’t catch them unless they actually walk into you!


Menu ("Rations" – everyone to have a "Ration Book." ration the sugar – it will do them good!) The usual stuff but heavily disguised with wartime names : Churchill Chilli, Hitler Hash, Doodlebug Delight, plus real wartime delicacies such as Spam, Dried Eggs, Oatmeal Sausages (delicious, believe it or not) Blancmange and Potato Floddies. Haybox cooking. No bananas or oranges – they were not available until after the war. If it is the right time of year, go brambling (blackberrying) and cook them to eat. BE CAREFUL. IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF IDENTIFYING HEDGEROW FRUITS, DON’T PICK THEM).

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