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Members-only area : There is a very small section on the website which is password-protected because it contains information (such as phone numbers, contact addresses, etc.) which would contravene Girlguiding UK's Safe From Harm policy if freely posted.

The passwords for this section are NOT your Yahoo ID and password. They are separate passwords which are available only to members of the Guiding_UK mailing list, whose bona-fides will be checked before passwords are issued. List members are issued with the passwords on being accepted onto the list, or can find them in the Admin folder of the members-only Yahoo group. Any Guider (warranted or pre-warranted) or Young Leader or any other adult directly involved in Guiding can apply to join us using the link on this page.

You do not need any passwords to access the majority of the 850+ pages and documents on this site : apart from sensitive information contained on the members-only pages this site has free and open access for anyone who wishes to make use of it.

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