Pack Holiday - Undersea Adventure

Ideas for names

Captain Pugwash,
King Neptune,

Dolphins, Starfish, Seahorses, Jellyfish etc.

Mermaid Lagoon
Coral Reef
Sea Bed (dorms/sleeping tents?)
Octopus Cave


Underwater Collage - provide coloured cellophane, shiny materials, sequins etc., and shells, pebbles, sand and glue.
Make Aquariums - use shoe boxes and decorate the bottom and three sides, inside and out. Make fishes and hang from the lid so thar when the lid is replaced they hang at different heights inside the shoe box. Cut a "window" in the undecorated side of the box and cover with coloured cellophane (preferably green or blue) or cling-film if cellophane isn't available.

Lost Sea Animal Hunt (anagram hunt or wordsearch);

Make toys for baby sea life (shell monsters, octopus, fish mobile, sailing raft, mermaid puppet)

CD fishes - use two CD's stuck printed sides together. Draw and cut out paper shapes for mouth and fins and stick them between the two CDs, cut out long crepe or tissue paper streamers for Angel Fish type of tail. Hang up in the window to catch the light. Also make CD jellyfish (same as above but without the mouth and with a tissue paper 'hat' to make a more jelly-fish looking body). Hang up in the window to catch the light ...

Woollen octopus. (In either Guiding or the Brownie magazine a few years ago) Long strands of wool covering a polystyrene ball, tie up the strands into 8 legs and then stick goggly eyes on. If you use strands of glittery string or wool in with the ordinary stuff you can hang the octopus up in the window ...

Crepe paper fancy dress competition as well - give each patrol or six a couple of packs of crepe paper and let them design and make their own bathing costumes and sarongs.

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