Ideas for Names

We are, and have always been, on first-name terms with the girls, so for this camp we used the old "Captain" and "Skip" and the First-Aider answered (or not) to "Nursie-Nursie!"

We stuck to the traditional UK Guide patrol names; at the time our unit patrols were robins, chaffinches, swallows and nightingales so for camp they chose flowers – thistles, bluebells, snowdrops and scarlet pimpernels (unfortunately abbreviated to scarlet pimps!)



Lots of crafts – they always like making friendship bracelets (it keeps them quiet for hours), tie-dye tee-shirts, decorated candles, quizzes, puzzles, card and board games. Knots, lashings and and gadget-making.

Outdoor activities : Backwoods cooking; tracking (each other or animal tracks; nature walks; night-time “Ghost walk” (be careful if the girls are young / nervous / away from home for the first time!); pioneering – rope bridges, ladders, A-frame swings, shelters - depends on the equipment available. (We bivvied in the woods one night)
Kite flying – some bought, most home-made (bin bags and split canes).
Even mundane stuff like “wooding” can be made into a game – we are lucky and use a site where we are allowed to go wooding.
Flag ceremonies etc.


Menu All the old favourites. Full fry-up for breakfast every day – sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes, eggy bread or fried bread; DIY sandwiches and fruit for lunch; evening meals – Corned Beef Chuck In (large Billy with water and Oxo cube(s), add chopped up corned beef then chuck in whatever vegetables you have! Cook until vegetables are tender, thicken gravy if necessary just before serving – easy and delicious.) Camp Pizza – always burnt, always delicious. If they make their own then they can’t complain that they don’t like the toppings – provide a good selection e.g. cheese, tomatoes, tuna, sweetcorn, peppers (green are cheapest but red or yellow seem to cook quicker) onions, pepperoni or salami, corned beef is OK. My QM Carol makes a mean Spag. Bol.

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