BOGUK interest badges

BOGUK gets Traditional

Complete six clauses, which provide a personal challenge to you

1. Learn how to fold a flag and hoist colours.

2. Attend a "traditional" style Guide Camp, to include cooking over open fires, using lats, making gadgets and sleeping in ridge or bell tents.

3. Tie the following knots and know their uses:

  • Reef Knot
  • Clove Hitch
  • Packers Knot
  • Round turn and two half-hitches
  • Larks head
  • Sheet bend
  • Double overhand

4. Design and make a gadget or gadgets for camp which demonstrate two of the following skills: square lashing, tripod lashing, snake lashing.

5. Prepare a ceremony for use within Guiding, such as a Promise ceremony.

6. Use semaphore or Morse to send and read a simple message.

7. Design a resource pack, training session or similar to help Guiders teach the History of Guiding to their girls.

8. Read a story about Baden Powell, or another influential figure in the History of Scouting or Guiding.

9. Take part in a Wide Game, or organise a wide game lasting 2 hours or more, for a group of not less than 20.

10. Know two verses of the National Anthem.

11. Learn the World Song.

12. Know how the world badge is composed, and help a group of Guides to understand it.

13. Lay or follow a trail using woodcraft signs.

14. Pitch and strike a ridge tent or bell tent.

15. Know how the Guide uniform has changed over the years. If possible borrow a set of old uniforms and hold a fashion show!

16. Borrow some old Guide books and try out two activities from at least 40 years ago. How have things changed?

17. Design a resource pack, training session or similar to help Guiders teach traditional Guiding skills to their girls.

18. Go for a Hike of at least 5 miles/8km

19. Inspect yourself each time you wear uniform in a month. Check for clean nails, brushed hair, polished shoes etc.

20. Meet with somebody who was a Guide at least 20 years before (or after!) you. Discuss how Guiding has changed, and get their views on the current programme.

21. Create an article, activity or similar to explore the "traditions" within Guiding today. How many of the traditions do you believe will still be around in 20 yrs time?

22. Explore the traditions within one section of Guiding and contrast them with the section that immediately precedes and/or succeeds it.

23. Help a girl or small group of girls to complete the Traditions of Guiding badge, making sure you learn at least two new skills in the process.

24. Take part in a traditional "formal" campfire.

25. Investigate some of the traditions that Guides in other countries have.

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