Props etc: table set for a meal for two
2 Guides sitting at the table dressed as mother and daughter,
1 Guide dressed as a waiter
PLate with rope "worm" cut into two pieces

Mother: '' What do you want for dinner?''

Girl: ''A worm''

Mother: ''You cant have a worm for dinner'

Girl: '' I'll scream and I'll, cry''

Mother: '' No don't do that , you can have a worm for dinner''

Enter waiter carrying a plate , with a string worm on it. Puts plate on the table in front of the girl and leaves

Girl to Mother : ''I want you to have half ''

Mother: '' No thank you ''

Girl: '' I'll scream and I'll, cry''

Mother : '' No don't do that I will have half''

Mother pretends to cut worm in half and eat her half

Girls screams and cries

Mother : "NOW what's the matter?"

Girl cries ' That was my half! ''

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