Submitted by Pat of Northfleet Brownies



Ideas for Names:-

Pooh Bear - little brain (GIC)
Yogi - hungry tummy (QM)
BooBo - sidekick (Assistant QM)
Paddington - likes to help (First Aid)
Young Leader Little Bear - wants to be bigger
Pack Leader Teeny Weeny Bear - but makes a lot of noise

Forever Friends
Hair Bear Bunch
Care Bears
Gummi Bears

Holiday Home - 100 Acre Wood
Main Hall - Sooty's Workshop
Washroom/toilets - The Sploshy Place
Kitchen - Jellystone Park
Brownies' Room - Bear Pit
Leader's Room - Bear Control
Young/Pack Leader Room - Bear Cave
First Aid Room - Bear Repair Shop



Make napkin rings and placemats ~
Night hike
Rupert's Country Code Game
Springy teddies and stain glass teddies
Teddy Board Games
Little Lost Teddy Hunt and make Teddy Biscuits
Grass Sledging with Teddy
Teddy Anagram Hunt
Teddy Bears' Picnic


Menu:- Continental Teddy Feast (cereal, croissants and jam, yoghurt and fruit)
Bramwell Bear's Buffet (cereal, eggy bread and bacon, toast and jam)
The Cowboy Bear Special (cereal, sausages and beans, fruit and yoghurt)
BooBo's American Treat (hotdogs, soup and rolls, fruit and cake)
Paddington and Friends Packing Up (jam and marmalade sandwiches, crisps, fruit and cake)
Old Bear's Nursery Tea (chicken nuggets, mash, peas and carrots fizzy jelly and ice-cream)
Sooty's Roast Special (roast pork, potatoes, cauliflower, sweetcorn. Apple pie and custard)
Rupert's Do it yourself Takeaway (pizzas, cake and fruit)
Pooh Bear Coat's with Stuffing (Jacket potatoes with cheese, beans, coleslaw, salad chocolate bananas)
Teddy Bears' Picnic (sandwiches, crisps, fruit, cake, nuggets, sausages etc)