An assortment of games to give validity to the well-known fact that
Guides (and even more so, Rangers) + Chocolate = Bliss

M&Ms Icebreaker
A bowl is passed around and each person takes a handful of M&Ms (or Smarties). A chart is put up and each colour stands for something they must reveal about themselves, or a story they must tell. They go through all the sweets in their hand, and if they have more than one of the same colour, they have to answer that question again.
Red = What is your favourite food?
Brown = What is your favourite Girl Guide memory?
Yellow = What is your favourite colour and why?
Blue = Why do you like being a Girl Guide?
Green = Tell the group something about your family?

Build the Leaning Tower
Materials: Toothpicks and lots of miniature marshmallows.
The Leaning Tower is one of the three parts which make up the Cathedral of Pisa. it was built over 700 years ago and today it leans over more than four metres from the vertical. Give each team a supply of toothpicks and marshmallows and challenge them to build the Leaning Tower of Pisa. See which group can build the tallest, skinniest and the one which leans over the most without actually falling over.

Mars Bar game
You'll need a Mars Bar, knife & fork, plate, a dice & a set of big outdoor clothes (hat, coat, scarf, gloves) for each group (of 10-12 girls).
Put the Mars Bar with the knife & fork on the plate. Pile the clothes next to it. Girls sit around these, in a circle. They take turns to throw the dice. Whenever someone throws a 6 she gets up, puts on all the clothes & uses the knife & fork to cut a slice off the Mars Bar. Anything she manages to cut off she can eat, but she must use the knife & fork to do so. Dice throwing continues while she does this & as soon as someone else throws a six she must take off all the clothes & sit back down in the circle. Continue until there's none of the Mars Bar left.

Marshmallows in flour
You will need a marshmallow (or other sweet) per girl, one bowl per patrol, flour and lots of newspaper (this gets messy). Face cloths & washing facilities are also recommended! Patrols line up at one end of the hall, opposite them is a bowl of flour with a marshmallow sitting on it (don't bury it - it's hard enough as it is!). As a relay race they take turns to run up & pick up the marshmallow with their teeth (no hands allowed). They can eat the sweet if they wish. A leader will need to be by the bowls to replace the sweet each time. Alternatively this can be done with boiled sweets in a washing-up bowl with about 2cm of water in (no more). If you do it this way bring plenty of towels & make sure you can mop up the water afterwards.

Kims game
Played with sweets - red M&M, green Smartie, etc. They can eat all they can remember! (You'll need lots of spares for this!)

Girls sit in a circle with a saucer in the middle. On the saucer is a selection of sweets (eg. Smarties) each a different colour. One girl is chosen & goes outside or turns her back while the others choose one of the sweets. The girl returns and points to a sweet - if it is the one the others chosen then the others all shout "Tip" and someone else takes a turn. If it's not the one the others chose then she picks it up & eats it, and keeps going until she does pick the chosen sweet. Then re-stock the saucer and let another girl have a turn.

Have a bowl of Hula Hoops, Smarties and uncooked rice, an empty bowl and chopsticks. Girls must transfer the items, one at a time, to the other bowl. Hula Hoops score 1 point, Smarties 3 and rice 5. They can eat all they win.

Card game
Get 2 packs of cards and some sweets (lollies work well). Deal one pack out around the unit and yourself (who are all sitting in a circle). Then turn the other pack over a card at a time. When one of their cards comes up, they take a sweet and put in in front of them. Whoever has the sweets at the end - when you have finished dealing - keeps them.

Competition Who can make the best animal / whatever from a digestive biscuit & selection of sweets? Or a sweet picture on rice paper, all stuck together with icing.

Guide Laws
This needs :

  • a large bag of sweets which come in at least 6 different colours
  • probably a copy of the Guide Laws (unless you girls know them by heart!)
  • a list of situations involving the Guide Laws (eg. you give your seat on the bus to an elderly person).

Give each patrol a number of sweets in all 6 colours. First they must decide which of the colours suits which Guide Law the best (for example they might decide that number 6, a Guide respects all living things and takes care of the world around her, is green because of its environmental bent). Then the girls take turns to read out one of the "situations" from the list. She tells the patrol which of the laws she thinks it involves the most & then gets to eat a sweet of the relevant colour.


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