Mothers' Survival Kit

Collect the oddments on this list, put them in a small container (maybe a home-made box or empty film canister) and attach a tag listing the items and what they’re for.

A MARBLE - In case someone says you’ve lost yours
STARBURST - To give you a burst of energy on the days you don't have any
PIECE OF STRING - For when you reach the end of your rope - this will keep you going a bit longer.
MATCH (or candle) - To remind you there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
BLU TAK - Thanks for "sticking" to it
MINT: to remind you that you are worth a MINT to me

Other ideas to include…
A STICK OF GUM - To remind you to stick with it
A PAPER CLIP - To help keep things together when they seem to be falling apart
BALLOON - To remind you not to blow up
A TISSUE - To wipe away a tear-- your own or someone else's.
ERASER - To remind you that every day you can start with a clean slate.
ERASER - To erase any mistakes or misunderstandings that are troubling you.
A PENNY - So that you will never have to say, "I'm broke."
RUBBER BAND - To help you stretch yourself to new limits.
SANDPAPER - To help you file away the rough spots of life
PLASTER - For healing hurt feelings, yours or someone else's.

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