BOGUK interest badges


Complete all clauses

Clause 1 : Complete ten of the Boguk Interest badges, to include two from each of the following groups and any two others of your choice :

Home skills :

  • Boguk in the house
  • Boguk in the kitchen
  • Boguk is handy round the house
  • Boguk is safe at home
  • Boguk cares for children
  • Boguk has green fingers
  • Boguk goes car crazy
  • Boguk keeps healthy

Outdoor skills :

  • Boguk goes camping
  • Boguk gets traditional
  • Boguk the camp QM
  • Boguk the Holiday QM
  • Boguk the campfire singer
  • Boguk gets lost
  • Boguk gets knotted
  • Boguk is safe out of doors
  • Boguk gets adventurous

Computer and admin. skills etc.:

  • Boguk the Web Designer
  • Boguk the Computer Whizz
  • Boguk On-Line
  • Boguk can communicate
  • Boguk goes public
  • Boguk the administrator
  • Boguk the bookworm

Creative skills etc. :

  • Boguk gets needled
  • Boguk in stitches
  • Boguk gets crafty
  • Boguk the Author
  • Boguk the Musician

Clause 2 : Learn to say "NO" occasionally.
The next time your DC asks you to do something that you a) haven't time to do or b) don't want to do, say "No" to her.
When she asks you again...and again…. and again, continue to say "No."
Stick to your decision

You may earn more than one "Boguk is SUPERWOMAN!!" badge but you may not count the same Boguk badges towards a second Superwoman badge

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