Pack Holiday - Space Theme

Ideas for names

GIC (Captain),
QM (Commander),
FA (Chief Medical Officer),
Ass QM (Science Officer);
YL (Communications);
Pack Leader (Ensign)
Other Staff (Chief Engineer, Tactical Officer)

names of planets - Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Uranus.

Activities Space Knowledge Quiz;
Space Exploration Wide Game (build a shelter, cross a volcanic river,
Galactic Scavenger Hunt, flag to show planet conquered, deal with a medical emergency - basic first aid, make a rescue sign - compass pictures);
Physical Challenge Hour (games);
Space Engineering (build a spaceship from a box and junk);
Fittings for Space Suits (design a space costume using a dustbin bag);
Quest for Life (wide game - find parts of alien, then name it and decide relevant info about it- planet, food, friends, hobbies, family, job)


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