Space Theme and Aliens
a compilation of ideas from various members of the GuidingUK list

Draw an Alien : Each girl has a piece of paper, draws an alien head, folds it so that the head cannot be seen and pass it on to the next girl who draws the body folds it over and passes it again. This continues until you get the whole alien drawn when you unfold the paper and see the result (similar to consequences)

Draw an Alien #2 : You need paper and preferably coloured pens or pencils. Give everyone a sheet of paper, but no pencils for a minute. On a separate piece of paper (or in your head if you have a good memory) think of a list of 10 attributes for your alien, eg 3 blue eyes, a curly tail, 2 green bellybuttons etc. We usually specify we're only going to read the list twice, and anything that isn't specified they can make up (so if you haven't specified how many arms, only that they should have red claws they can have as many arms as they like) Give the girls about 10 to 15 minutes to draw their alien, including as many bits as they can remember. You'll be amazed at the different creatures you get all from the same description!! Would make a quite good thing for catching a bad alien/police poster for a reward, or a couple of stations in a wide game, (one for the description and the other with the drawing materials).

Various : papier mache planets, grass seed aliens (tights filled with sawdust and grass on top), space boxes (the tops of paper ream boxes painted black, they then made rockets etc. on springs and stuck them to the back of the box and splattered the inside of the box with paint to make it look like a star scene) Rockets (made out of toilet rolls with tissue paper for flames etc) Pom-Pom aliens with didi-bobbers They made life size aliens as well for the walls each for their own team name.

Rockets made out of film canisters (the ones where the lid fits inside the canister), cone added to the bottom end for the nose and decorated. Put a teaspoon of Baking Powder in plus a little water. Put on the lid, stand it OUTSIDE, on the lid and STAND WELL BACK for it to take off.

Dress a member of your six as an alien - provide assorted cardboard boxes, ripped Christmas decorations, tin foil, string, whatever.
Code breaking of any sort - "translate the alien language" trail.
Following alien footprints or "slime" (anything shiny eg. tinfoil pie cups, or reflective tape if you can get it) with torches in the dark.
Some of the star activities from "Adventure Out" - just point out constellations to them / get them to identify some themselves.
Star tube (prick a constellation in black paper & tape it over a kitchen roll inner then look through). Make up their own constellations.

If you have any more ideas we can add to this page, please email me......

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