Silly Sports Night

  • Water and spoon race. Rrun to a bucket of water, dip spoon then run on to a jug, tip water in then run back to hand the spoon to the next runner.

  • Multiple legged races are generally very silly.

  • Most party games tend to have silliness built in, e.g. orange under the chin being passed along the line.

  • Blind football: in pairs : one blindfolded plays, sighted one stands on the sidelines giving instructions. Works well with or without a ball that makes a noise.

  • Kid's sports day - egg (or potato) and spoon race, sack race, skipping race, three-legged-race, potato (or bean bag) race, obstacle race etc.

  • Balloon volley ball

  • Indoor Olympics :
    synchronised indoor swimming in patrols
    Throwing the javelin (a straw)
    Tossing the caber (3/4 rolled up newspaper 3ft)
    Throwing the discus(a paper plate)
    Shot put (tin foil crumpled up)
    Skipping relay
    Individual running race
    Patrol relay race
    Black sack relay race
    Pentathlon - 1 shot put, 2 caber, 3 javelin, 4 discus, 5 4 lengths of hall running race.

    Best Guide in each above event per patrol. competes against other patrols. 5 points for winner of each event.
    Patrol with most points wins a paper cup or paper plate shield.

  • 'Haggis hunt' - needs to be out of doors, and be warned, the girls get VERY wet!
    You need some help to set this up, and some "hunt saboteurs" (YLs or Guiders.)
    Fill water bombs and carefully hide them around the grounds of your meeting place.
    It's very simple really - in patrols, sixes or whatever find as many as they can and bring them safely back to you.
    1 point for a tail (a burst one) and 3 points for a whole one.
    Needless to say many will 'die'on the return trip and soak their bearer.
    Do remember to collect as much of the bombs as you can for environmental reasons.
    (You could make paper ones in advance - instructions in Go4It-Water (see Go4Its index) - and use tham instead, as they are biodegradable.)

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