The Pub / Shop

No need for a stooge in this one, the storyteller will select "volunteers" from the audience. She will build a "pub" from these volunteers : a "door" (extend arm, swing back and forth and creak as anyone "enters" or "leaves" the pub; a doorbell (someone to shout "ping!" every time the door opens or shuts; a "till" to shout "k-ching" when money is put in, beer pumps, (raised arm, barmaid raises and lowers to pull pints etc.) and two people to make the "bar" (stand back to back then bend over at right angles from the waist, so the flat of their backs form the "counter" of the bar.)

The story teller then selects a couple of customers and invites them for a drink. Door creaks, doorbell pings, beer pump fills two glasses, till "k-chings" as drinks are paid for - and the bartender/storyteller carefully places the two glasses, full of water, in between the shoulder blades of the victims playing the "bar" and walks away.