M to AGENT ' now number 76 go and sit on the park bench; at midday a woman will give you a message after giving the code words ' its a nice day.' You will read the message and then eat the note .

Agent sits on bench; woman enters, sits down next to him says 'its a nice day ' and gives him a note; agent reads note and pretends to eat it

Several more women enter one at a time and the notes get thicker each time

Last woman enters with huge pile of books sits down and says 'its a nice day '

Agent jumps up in terror shouts ' no no ' and runs away

Woman says ' well I only wanted to know where the library was.'


Props : A team of Guides each holding a card with who they are on it [ write their words on the back]

A hole ; Flat type apple box with a Guide standing in it

Guide with spade

SELF PITYING PERSON 'You haven't seen anything till you see my pit''

OBJECTIVE PERSON [walks round hole ] 'Its logical that someone might fall down there''

GEOLOGIST 'Look at and appreciate the strata in your pit''

OPTIMIST [smiling and happy] ''Things could be worse, it could be full of water"

PHARISEE [shaking head and stroking beard] ''Only bad people fall into pits''

SCIENTIST ''I'll take a few measurements and will calculate the P.S.I. pressure required to get you out of your pit'

NEWSPAPER REPORTER ''I'll help you out if you will sell me the exclusive rights to your story''

TAX MAN '''Have you paid your taxes on your hole?''

COUNCIL INSPECTOR ''Can I see your permit to dig this hole here?''

COOL DUDE '' Chill out man !''

PESSIMIST [glum and miserable] ''Things will be worse''

Enter Guide with spade and say to the Guide in the hole '' Get out of there I want to fill it in so no one can fall in to it'' Guide climbs out of the hole and watches while the other Guide pretends to fill it in

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