Props : any one item needed the 'sillier' the better [ e.g. a kettle]

1st Guide enters the circle carring the item and sits down. 1st Guide gives item to 2nd guide saying ' This is a scallywag'

2nd Guide replies ' A what??'

1st Guide to 2nd Guide ' A scalllywag''

The 2nd Guide now passes the item to the guide [3rd] sitting on her other side

2nd Guide to 3rd Guide ''This is a scallywag''

The item continues round the circle with the same statment , question and answer until it reaches the last Guide .

The last Guide passes the item back to the Guide who started the game BUT when the original first Guide is told the item is a 'scallywag' she replies ' Dont'be silly its a *******' [ identifying what the item is [ie a kettle]

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