Some Campfire Run-Ons

The style of a run-on is simple. A run-on should in general be prearranged with the person who is supposed to be up there talking. While the leader is talking, a Guide runs on stage doing or saying something. The leader responds accordingly, usually in an exasperated way, and the Guide then says the groaner punch line.

1) The first person calls from out of sight "Hey look! I'm in the top of a 100 foot tall tree."
The second person: "But we don't have any 100 foot tall trees in camp.
First person: "Oh noooo....", screams as she is falling.

2) 1st person: "Excuse me, but is that the sun or the moon?"
2nd person: "I don't know. I'm new to these parts too."

3) Two girls playing quick draw:
1st girl: "My Guider can shoot a gun faster than any woman in the West."
2nd girl: "Really?" What do they call her?"
1st girl: "Toeless Sue."

4) 1st person: "I heard you had an accident on your hike today."
2nd person: "No but I did get bitten by a snake."
1st person: "You don't call that an accident?"
2nd person: "Heck no, he did it on purpose."

5) Have two girls drag a third girl across the stage.
The third girl says: "What a drag!"

6) Big Chief: Bring in 10 scalps, kill 5 buffalo bare handed and go into desert without water for a moon. Then I will pronounce you Big Brave. You understand?
Indian Brave: Yes. What do I do to get pronounced Little Brave?

7) A girl walks across stage carrying a car door. She is asked why he is carrying the car door. The girl answers so that she can roll down the window when it gets hot.

8) The scene is a courtroom scene with one person as the judge. A person walks through the court carrying a sign or a skunk stuffed animal. The judge watching says: "Odour in the court! Odour in the court!"

9) The three girls are in a line facing the audience.
Second girl in line: This story begins with "Once upon a time"
First girl: Hey, wait a minute, I'm the beginning.
Middle girl: I'm the middle.
Last girl: That's nothing I'm the end.

10) A girl is sitting on the bank with a fishing pole in hand. There is a NO FISHING sign nearby. The game warden appears.
Fisherman: Are you the game warden.
Game warden: Yep!
Fisherman: Just teaching him how to swim (pointing to the worm on the pole)

11) (Girl runs on interrupting leader): "We interrupt this program for an important news flash." Turns flashlight on and off, shining it in the audience's eyes. Most effective at a campfire.

12) 1st person: Say, wasn't there a rap at the door?
2nd person: I didn't hear anything.
1st person: Yes, I'm sure there was a rap at the door!
2nd person: I'm sure I didn't hear anything. The first person then goes to the door and brings in a coat and tells the audience as she holds it up for them to see. I knew there was a wrap at the door.

13) 1st person: I went fishing last week.
2nd person: What did you catch?
1st person: Three bass and one smelt.
2nd person: It did? Which one?

14) A group of girls are discussing a football game.
1st person: I hope that ________ win.
2nd person: Well I'm sure that _________ will win.
3rd person: Why, ______ will beat them 5- nil.
4th person: I can tell you the score of the game before it starts.
The Others: Oh Yeah? You're not that smart.
4th person: Nuttin' to Nuttin' of course (The others chase her off.)

15) First person: I bet I can jump higher then a house.
Second person:: I bet you can't.
First person: Yes I can. Did you ever see a house jump.

16) Leader: I can make everyone in the audience into an old fashioned Indian.
Audience: How?
Leader: (Leader raises right hand and then says, "How!")

17) Someone walks in pulling a rope behind her.
Leader : Why are you pulling that rope?
Girl: Did you ever try to push one?

18) Wire for Mr. Jones.
I'm Mr. Jones.
The clerk hands him a piece of wire.

19) Two guys talking, first asks the second where he is going; second says fishing. First asks second what he has in his mouth and the first says worms. The first guy says good luck and slaps second guy on the back.

20) Radio Announcer: We interrupt this program for a spot announcement.
Dog (offstage): Arf! Arf! Arf!
Announcer: Thank you, Spot.

21) Scout 1:(running on stage) "They're after me!"
Scout 2: "Who's after you."
Scout 3: "The squirrels! They think I'm nuts!"

22) Librarian: "Please be quiet, young man. The people near you can't even read."
Scout: "Then what are doing in a library?"

23) Scout 1: "Did you hear how my mother strained herself."
Scout 2: "No, how did she manage to do it?"
Scout 3: "She ran through a screen door."

24) Fortune Teller: "That will be $20 for two questions."
Client: "Isn't that a lot of money for two questions?"
Fortune Teller: "Yes, it is. Now what is your second question?"

25) Scout 1: Whatcha doing ?
Scout 2: Writing a letter to my little brother.
Scout 1: Why are you writing so slowly?
Scout 1: Because my little brother can't read very fast!

26) Guide 1: Ask me if I'm a rabbit.
Guide 2: Okay Are you a rabbit?
Guide 1: Yes. Now ask me if I'm a squirrel.
Guide 2: Are you a squirrel?
Guide 1: No, stupid. I already told you I was a rabbit!

27) Scene 1: Girl juggling balls. Drops one. Snaps fingers and says, "Missed!" Exits.
Scene 2: Same girl juggling balls. Drops one. Snaps fingers and says, "Missed!" Exits.
Scene 3: Same girl says. "If I don't get it this time, I'll shoot myself!" Juggles balls. Drops one. Exits
(Sound of gunshot) Same girl reappears, snaps fingers and says, "Missed!"

28) Centre stage is someone fishing from a billy can or bucket, she keeps pulling the rod as though she has something on the line. A passer by looks at her as she walks by and then walks on, after a few steps the passer by comes back to the girl.
Passer by: "What are you doing there then?"
Fisher: "I'm fishing, what does it look as though I'm doing?"
Passer by: "Fishing eh!, what are you fishing for."
Fisher: "I'm fishing for suckers."
Passer by: "Have you caught any?"
Fisher: "Yes you're the third today"

29) 1st scout: "OOOOOUCH , OOOOOH , OOOUCH."
2nd scout: "What's the matter with you?"
1st scout: "A bee's stung my thumb."
2nd scout: "Try putting some cream on it then."
1st scout: "But the bee will be miles away by now."

30) Teacher: What has five fingers and can be made of leather?
Jenny : Er... I don't know.
Teacher: One glove!
Now, what has 10 fingers and can be made of leather?
Jenny : Er... I don't know.
Teacher: Two gloves!
Now, who is the Prime Minister of England?
Jenny : Er... Three gloves?

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