The Reindeer

For this one you need a storyteller and three or four "reindeer" - one is a pre-arranged stooge planted in the audience, the other three are innocent victims.

The "reindeer" crouch on all fours and the storyteller begins her narrative: it is geting colder in Lapland, and the reindeer are getting ready for winter. The snow begins to fall (encourage the reindeer to shiver etc.) so their kind owner provides them with a nice warm blanket each (camp blanket, sleeping bag, large towel etc. - make sure the reindeer are completely covered up.)

The story teller improvises the story until it starts to get nearer spring and the weather begins to get warmer; the reindeer need to take something off to cool down - make suggestions ("you can spare a shoe" etc.) and each reindeer will take something off.

Continue with the weather getting steadily warmer and the reindeer have to shed further items - prompt for socks, watches, glasses etc. until they get the idea firmly fixed in their heads. As summer approaches, the "stooge" will start protesting that she has nothing left she can decently take off. (By now one of the other reindeer may have realised that the obvious thing to shed is the blanket - if so, signal her to silence and let her watch, carry on with the remaining reindeer.)

As the remaining reindeer shed hair clips, belts etc., the stooge should remove shorts, protesting loudly all the while, and finally a bra will emerge from under the blanket. After this, the blanket will be removed and the stooge will run offstage, pulling down an over-size tee-shirt and still protesting loudly.