Sample GSUSA Seniors Rededication Ceremony

This year we wanted to something special for the girls since it was their last "rededication" prior to becoming adult Girl Scouts, should they choose to do so.

We have been meeting in our homes for the last three years but started meeting in the basement of the local Methodist Church nine years ago. My thought was to take them back to where they started.

This was all kept hush-hush to have the most dramatic effect of the girls.

I arranged to get into the church that afternoon and my co-leader and I met up there. I brought all the large trash sacks I had and a roll of low tack tape. We covered every window in the place with black trash bags. We set up a table with a table cloth, three tall candles and ten shorter candles.

When we arrived Lynn went inside and lit all the candles and closed the door. I explained to the girls that we had planned this for them(they were grateful for that, with their full schedules) and that we would be doing a Scouts Own during the ceremony and the topic would be "What my last year as a senior girl scout means to me" and that we would be quiet from here on out. We walked into the church and down the stairs, I stopped short of the door and knocked once to let Lynn know we were ready. When she opened the door the room was completely black except for the glow of the thirteen candles. ( It is still daylight outside when we start our meetings, thus the plastic over the windows) The girls were led into the room and stood before the table. The leaders stood behind the table and started the ceremony. This is what followed.

Rededication Ceremony

Setting: Room is dark except for thirteen lit candles.
Leader: We know our Promise and our Law. We have recited it many times over
the years. We may have questioned its importance in our life or forgotten its value. But, what would the world be like if we stopped serving God and our country? (Blow out one candle)
What would the world be like if we stopped helping people in need? (Blow out one candle)
What would the world be like if we stopped living by the Girl Scout Law? ((Blow out one candle)

(At this point, Leader can pause, then blow out all ten remaining, or continue...)

What would the world be like if we all chose to be dishonest & self-serving? (Blow out one candle)
Continue through the Law until all the candles are out and the room is dark. Pause.

If we choose this path, our world becomes very dark. Pause
But I, _________, make a commitment today to serve God and my country.
(Re-light first candle)
Who else wants to renew their Promise and Law?
Allow girls to re-light each candle while they say their part of the Promise and Law.
Girl: I, _______, make a commitment to __________ (be honest & fair, etc.)
Close with a favorite Girl Scout song.

Our girls were in tears and said that was the best rededication ceremony they had ever had.
Now I shall start looking for something extra special to use when they bridge to adulthood on our cruise.

Sent to GuidingUK by Sue Ellen from Oklahoma.

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