"Starts" and "Finishes" for Rainbow Meetings

A compilation from the GuidingUK e-list

  1. We start our Rainbow meetings by holding hands in a circle, and taking one step forward while shouting at the top of our voices "hello Rainbows!" We then sit down and chat for five minutes before starting the activity for the evening.

  2. We start our Rainbow meetings by standing in a line and skipping under our rainbow (which I made by painting with fabric paints on a cot sheet and threading a bamboo cane through the top.) Two leaders hold each end of the cane. The leading Rainbow takes the line under the rainbow and round in a curve so she ends up standing next to the right hand leader and the last girl ends up standing next to the left hand leader. As they skip they sing: 'we skip under the rainbow, the rainbow, the rainbow. We skip under the rainbow with all our Rainbow friends.' When they all finish they are standing in a semicircle (rainbow arc) and they clap hands and clap the hands of the girls next to them singing: 'We can keep our promise, our promise, our promise, We can keep our promise and have a lot of fun'. The tune is (roughly) 'For he's a jolly good fellow'. This is much easier to do than to describe!

  3. At the end we sing:
    'Goodnight Rainbows, glad we came
    Time to go now, just the same
    Carry with us all God's love
    As the Rainbow shines above.
    ( I changed the original line here as I don't like the idea of God up in Heaven watching us-He is surely close to us) Goodnight Rainbows, glad we came
    Time to go now, come again!
    Then I say 'Next week!' Everyone replies 'Next week!' I say 'Same place!' Everyone replies 'Same place!' I say 'Same time!' Everyone replies 'Same time!' I say 'Don't forget....( to give your parents a letter, to come to Church parade, to take home your paintings etc, etc) They repeat 'Don't forget.....'

  4. We start our Rainbow meetings by getting all the girls to sit in a circle on the floor, we then pass round Rainbow Rabbit and whoever is holding her tells their news. After this we play a game and then get on with the rest of the programme.

  5. At the start of Rainbows we sing Good Evening Friend Rainbow and each girl can then shake hands and move around the circle. We used to go all the way around but we have too many Rainbows now. At the end we sing Thankyou God for a lovely meeting, keep each Rainbow safe till we meet again, Amen. The Amen was added about 2 years ago by a couple of Rainbows and it stuck. We swing arms like in Brownie Bells.


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