Scavenger Hunt for Rainbows

(or Brownies ... or Guides ... or even Rangers!!)

Something ALIVE and something DEAD

Something suitable for a BED

Something NEW and something OLD

Something GREEN and something GOLD

Something SMOOTH and something ROUGH

Something PRETTY and something TOUGH

Something SOFT and something HARD

All arranged neatly on this CARD

Copy the rhyme above onto the top of a large sheet of card.

Read the rhyme out to all the girls, particularly with younger groups - do not assume that they can all read it - and discuss it BRIEFLY. Tell them that Something Alive doesn't mean that they can stick a spider on their card.... and explain why!

Provide them with glue (or Prit-stick) and sellotape; set the boundaries within which they may search and a time-limit for its completion.

Set the girls off on their Scavenger Hunt singly (not young girls), in pairs or in groups.



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