Ideas for Rainbows - Winter

Snowflakes from squares of white paper - you know the ones, fold it, cut out bits & then unfold... maybe make half a dozen & do mobiles if you're feeling a bit more ambitious.

Or if you're not set on craft a newspaper snowball fight will keep most age groups busy for a good while :-)

Or maybe you could make bird cakes to feed the birds... but that would probably entail a shopping trip so might not be so easy. (Bind wild bird seed with lard and put into empty yoghurt tubs or similar; chill until set then turn out, a bit like a sandcastle, and use on bird tables. Gets very messy - you will need hand-washing facilities!!) There is a recipe for "proper" bird cake on this page.

Or you could always start recycling your Christmas cards really early this time & get them to cut the cards in half and then do a pelmanism game with them.


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