You need 14 yards of fabric either 45 or 48 inches wide and about 17 yards / 15 metres of wide tape for round the top and the hem. The parachute consists of 14 pieces each 5" wide at the top. 38" wide at the bottom and 72" long.

Cut a pattern from paper half width but full length.
Fold the fabric in half and plave the pattern to the fold and cut out.
If you then turn the pattern round and place it to the selvedges you will see it is just a little too wide : DON'T cut this extra off as it gives seam allowance for sewing it together to make a complete piece.
Repeat this six more times to give 14 pieces (7 with a seam down the middle.)
Sew these pieces together down the long edges, using French seams for strength.
Trim edges if necessary and bind the edges with the tape at both top and bottom (you will have a hole in the middle of the parachute.)

Have fun!

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