Ideas for Names

Team Manager - GIC
Team Dietitian - QM
Team Physio - First Aider
Team Coach - Unit Helper

Patrols :
each Patrol to choose which country they want to "represent."

Patrol tents - Athlete's Village
Guider's tents - Main Stadium
Store tents - Gymnasium
Cooking/Dining Area - The Canteen
First-Aid Tent - Physio's Surgery

Activities "Olympic" events : two or three per afternoon, patrols or individuals, depending on the "sport" – we did synchronised swimming (on dry land – the winning team sported swimsuits, fixed grins, and clothes-pegs on their noses), ice dance, cross-country skiing with 2 ski-ers per set of skis, (OK so they should be Winter Olympics!) , Pony Club Games – not an Olympic sport! Field events - discus (paper plate – good if it’s windy!), putting the shot – water-filled balloon, javelin – drinking straw, plus "ordinary" races and competitions – running, jumping etc., and team games such as rounders. Whatever the event, it usually culminated in a water-fight!


Menu Colour themed to the Olympic rings, believe it or not – yellow : eggs, cheese (& cheese sauce), mayonnaise, bananas, custard, cakes; green : salads & green veg.; red : fruit, jam, cakes; blue : (we cheated – crisp packets and our bread wrappers are blue) black : cheated again – meat (not really overcooked), chocolate cake / pudding and coca cola. Everything was set out by colour, not food group, (which led to some odd combinations) on plates or napkins of the appropriate colour (you can get black ones, intended for Halloween.)

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