Night Eyes
(suitable as a game for Rainbows or Brownies and possibly Guides and Senior Section in conjunction with a bigger wide game)

The Aim
The aim of the game is for the individuals/teams to find all the letters by looking around the area using their torches, they then use the letters to form the word that the leader has decided on i.e. if the leader said that the theme of the game was that the word was a country and the girls got ACADAN then the girls would rearrange it as CANADA.

Equipment needed:
Lids from food tins (e.g. baked bean lids),
silver foil,
permanent marker pen,
drill for making holes in lids
torches (either 1 per person or per small group, as you decide)

NB this game only works at night time when it is as dark as possible hence the name!

The first thing which has to be done is to set up your equipment.
To do this wash and dry the tin lids and cover them in silver foil (shiny side up), then with a drill, drill a hole towards the top of the lid and thread through a loop of string.
You now need to decide what word you are going to use.
Write on the lids (1 letter per lid with permanent marker pen).
This game is best done in woods in the dark, and if you are doing it in teams you could always do more than one word and use different colours to distinguish them.
If it's an older group you could always stick in blank tin lids to through them off!

A prize can be given to the winning team.

As an alternative to tin lids and foil, you can use reflective sticky tape and use it to form the letter shapes on ordinary card.

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