Pack Holiday - Finding Nemo

Ideas for names

Leaders' Names
Nemo - Guider in Charge
Deb - QM
Gill - First Aider
Dory - Unit helper
Bubbles - Pack Leader

Sixes Names
The Big Bad Barracudas
Bruce’s Bunch
Crush’s Crew
Pearls Party

Room Names
Bubbles Bath - Bathroom
The Sunken Ship - Girls Room
Mr Rays Classroom - The main room
Nemo’s Home - The Guiders Bedroom
The Dentist’s surgery - First Aid Room


(See also the Undersea Adventure theme)

We carried out normal activities like making wind chimes and a Finding Nemo treasure hunt.
The girls made a picture outside using nature materials, which they could find, based upon the theme.
We also made Valentines Day key rings and Cards because we were away on Valentines Day.
Not forgetting all the normal pack holiday activities

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