My sister has just joined the Brownies
Tune : My bonnie lies over the ocean

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My sister has just joined the Brownies;
She welcomed the prospect with glee,
But it's jolly hard work for her Sixer,
And the Sixer in question is ME.

Chorus: Brownies, Brownies, do a good turn every day, they say;
Brownies, Brownies, do a good turn every day.

When I made my own Brownie Promise,
What Brown Owl omitted to tell
Was that kindness to all other people
Meant kindness to sisters as well!

I've told her the Law and the Promise,
I've shown her the handshake and sign,
I've told her we try to gain badges,
But I didn't mean she could take mine!

"To help you on Footpath, Road, Highway,
I'll lend you a book," Brown Owl said.
"Why, it's all about Brownies!" cried Susan,
"I expected a road-map instead!"

We're taking the Pack on a Venture.
"How can we?" cried Susan, with doubt,
For she thought that the Pack on a Venture
Was the rucksack of a Venture Scout.

She doesn't know much about Brownies;
There's so much she needs me to fix,
But I think, by the time that I leave her,
She'll be quite a good help to her Six.

I'm joining the Company shortly.
I'm sure to get on, and, besides,
I expect my big sister will help me -
She leads a Patrol in the Guides!


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