BOGUK interest badges


Complete clause 1 and four further clauses, which provide a personal challenge to you

1. Demonstrate how to clean and care for your instrument. You should be aware of how to store it, how to protect it during transportation and how to tune it (if applicable).

2. Participate on a regular basis for at least 4 months in a band, orchestra or similar group. Take part in at least two performances.

3. Play two solos, one of your own choice and the other at sight.

4. Arrange a piece of music for other instruments to join in with. This may include part writing and/or transposition.

5. Know some basic principles and fundamentals of music as appropriate to your chosen form of instrument. Know how to read music, or the notation appropriate to your instrument.

6. Take part in a duet or other piece where you are playing a descant or accompaniment rather than the melody.

7. Accompany a campfire, show or similar, playing at least 10 pieces of music over an hour.

8. Learn to play a new instrument to a standard suitable for playing a simple song at a Carol Concert, Guide show or similar.

9. Sing, with your own accompaniment (guitar etc), two different types of song.

10. Play a classical piece of music.

11. Perform a piece of music that you have written yourself.

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