Some More Songs for Rainbows

A Rainbow Opening Song.
(tune of "This old Man")

Rainbows care,
Rainbows share,
With other children everywhere,
So come and join us and you'll see,
Rainbows is the place to be,

Ha ha ha, hee hee hee,
Rainbows is the place for me,
Let's join hands and gaily sing,
In our friendly Rainbow Ring.

A Rainbow Welcome Song.
(tune of"The farmers in his Den")

We're glad to see you here,
It gives us joy and cheer,
Sure, it's true, we say to you,
We're glad to see you here.

A Rainbow Closing Song.
(tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon")

Little Stars are twinkling, high up in the sky.
Now it's time for Rainbow Guides to say goodbye.
Take us Lord and keep us till the morning light.
Now it's time for Rainbow Guides to say goodnight.

A Rainbow Prayer.
Rainbow time is over,
Listen while we pray.
Please make us kind and helpful,
Until we meet again.


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