Monkey Football
It's got nothing to do with monkeys, and it's not football.....

For any number of players.

Equipment : one large plastic or foam ball.

All players form a circle standing with feet well apart and sides of the feet touching the sides of the feet of the two players on either side of them.

The ball is thrown into the centre of the circle and the object of the game is to score "goals" by hitting the ball between the legs of one of the other players. The players can defend their leg "goals" by using their hands but may not move their feet except to break the circle to retrieve a missed ball. "Goals" scored attract the following penalties :

No goals scored through the legs - allowed to defend with two hands.

One goal let in - only allowed one hand (the other must be put behind the back.)

Two goals let in - player must turn round and face outwards (feet touching still) but can have two hands to defend with.

Three goals let in - still facing outwards but only one hand allowed.

Four goals let in - player is out of the game.

When someone is out of the game, the gap left is closed up (adjacent players' feet must touch at all times) and the circle gets smaller. As people drop out the game speeds up - it may take some time for the first players to be eliminated, but gets faster as the circle gets smaller.

Play for a set time / until you run out of time / until they get fed up / until only one player is left .... whichever suits your unit and situation.

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