Make New Friends

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Make new friends
And keep the old:
One is silver
And the other's gold

A circle's round,
It has no end:
That's how long
You'll be my friend.

Usually sung as a round, each part starting with a new line.

ACTIONS : Form a circle. Everyone holds the hands of the person next-but-one to them on each side; all the "cross-overs" MUST be the same way - all right arms over left arms. One person - usually the campfire leader - has her/his arms BOTH on top of their neighbours' arms. Start singing, and in time to the rhythm of the song, the leader lifts her/his RIGHT arm (holding the next-but-one singer's left hand) backwards over the head of the person in between them, then the next pair to the right lift their joined hands over the one between them and so on, carrying on anti-clockwise in time to the singing (repeat until the circle is completely unwound.) You can carry on singing and re-weave the circle if you want to.

There is a BSL-signed version of this song on this page

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