Miscellaneous Guide logos, trefoils etc.

Thinking Day On The Air (TDOTA) logo

World Thinking Day logo

  • The World Trefoil represents WAGGGS
  • The arrows pointing towards the Trefoil represent action and show that Guides everywhere can work together
  • The overall circular shape represents the world of Guiding.

The World Badge
launched 1975

  • The gold Trefoil on the blue background symbolises the sun shining over all the children in the world
  • The three leaves of the Trefoil represent the three-fold Promise
  • The stalk is a heraldic 'feu' or flame signifying the love of mankind
  • The two stars stand for the Promise and Law The central vein represents a compass needle, pointing the way
  • Around the edge is the encircling ring of friendship symbolising the World Association - an open ring because the Association is still growing

The World Flag

  • The Trefoil is the same as the World Badge
  • The bottom right corner is white, symbolising peace
  • The three gold squares represent the three-fold Promise.



BGIFC - British Guides in Foreign Countries

The trefoil, in one form or another, is used by Guides and Girl Scouts all around the world.

The three-fold leaf represents our three-fold Promise

The star represents the Guide Law


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