A Simple Lanyard

You will need 4 x 15m lengths of Plaiter's Line, doubled. Divide the twine into 4 sections.

The idea is to make the top piece long enough to go from your waist, around your neck and back to your waist.

Then it is knotted together.

The next bit goes in a thick 8 strand weave for a short bit then splits off into 2 again to make a small loop. This is where whistles and pen knives (if allowed) can be hung.

Then it all meets up again and finishes off with a fancy knot, maybe with the ends frayed to make it look nice.


You might like to use the following knots and weaves, in this order :

Rolling Boatswain's Weave

Flat Portuguese Sennit (for around the back of your neck)

Rolling Boatswain's Weave

True Lover's Knot

Round or Square Crowning

Flat Portuguese Sennit or Rolling Boatswain's Weave

True Lover's Knot


You could try more fancy knots and weaves and see how it works out.

Maybe if you do a simpler one you could make another with trickier knots.


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