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BOGUK gets Knotted

Complete clauses 1 - 3, and a further six clauses which provide a personal challenge to you. Throughout, you should choose a suitable weight of string, cord or rope for each knot, bend or hitch. All knots should be tied securely and you should know the uses, strengths & weaknesses of each one.

1. Tie the following knots, and teach them to somebody else.

  • Reef Knot
  • Clove Hitch
  • Round Turn and two half hitches
  • Larks Head
  • Double overhand
  • Sheet bend
  • 3-stranded plait

2. Explain the difference between a knot, a bend and a hitch.

3. Coil a length of rope, and know how to store cord or string.

4. Make a dream catcher.

5. Make a lanyard, using at least 5 different types of knot.

6. Make an article using macramé.

7. Make a braid, belt or similar using knotted cord.

8. Make and erect a flagpole using at least two lengths of pole, and hoist a flag correctly.

9. Tie a friendship knot in a neckerchief, and teach somebody else how to do it.

10. Tie up a parcel or bedding roll securely, using a packers knot.

11. Tie a Fisherman's knot, sheep shank and figure of eight knot.

12. Tie a Pole hitch and timber hitch.

13. Tie two of the following: Slipped hitch, Halter Hitch, Donkey Hitch.

14. Tie a bowline round yourself, and round another person.

15. Make two or more gadgets for camp, showing that you can use three types of lashing. The lashing should be secure.

16. Whip the ends of rope or cord to stop them fraying. Show that you can seal nylon cord to stop it fraying.

17. Plait using four or more strands.

18. Create a backsplice or eye splice in the end of a rope, or splice two ropes together.

19. Make a Turk's head woggle, or similar.

20. Use a decorative knot such as a Carrick to make a brooch, mat or similar.

21. Demonstrate three ways of tying a clove hitch.

22. Make a rope ladder or rope bridge.

23. Take part in a pioneering project that requires the safe and accurate use of knots.

24. Make a knot board to demonstrate at least 6 knots.

25. Design a training session, wide game, or similar to teach at least 8 knots and their uses.

26. Demonstrate the knots, bends and hitches that you use in a sport or activity in which you are involved, for example, rock-climbing, boating or angling. You should use the correct materials and be able to explain:

  • Why and when a particular knot is used.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each knot.
  • The dangers or incorrect construction and use.

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