Adaptable Wide Game on Knots

Each patrol/six needs a shoebox, (or similar) with 1 1/2m of rope or cord, the same of string, a triangular bandage and enough wrapping paper to cover the box. A chair or table is also useful so that you can tie things to the legs!

A full set of these cards are also needed for each group:

Card 1 - The cruise ticket Please make sure the boat is securely tied up before you board; (Round turn and two half hitches)

Card 2 - The boarding pass You have damaged your arm moving the suitcases, so it needs to be put in a sling; (Reef knot)

Card 3 - Key card for cabin You have been warned it's going to be a rough night so secure your chair; (clove hitch done on beam, not the spectacles version)

Card 4 - List of activities available on the boat e.g. The badminton net has broken, please could you lengthen the rope so it can be re-hung; (Double overhand to make loop, and then sheet bend to join rope and cord)

Further cards could include meal vouchers, excursion tickets, other timetables, further activities could include flying a flag (assuming it has fallen down), repairing the rope ladder for swimming, etc.

Last Card - Invitation to the Captains Table, for his Birthday (or Hers!) It's the captain's birthday and you have been invited to dinner. Wrap up his present neatly so you can give it to him during the meal. (Put all the instruction cards, the sling and the cord inside the box. Use the paper to wrap it and then tie it up with the string, either your slip knot and packers knot or just wrap around and tie neatly with a bow)

Having investigated the rest of the Knotters stage 1, the remaining knots to complete the badge are Larks head, pedigree cow hitch, surgeon's reef and a thumb knot. Having asked the SS netguides for some suggestions this is what we came up with:

  • Larks head: tying on fenders to the side of the boat so the paint doesn't get scratched in port, which could be on the excursion ticket.
  • Pedigree cow hitch: dealing with a stowaway goat, dog, etc. Possibly on a luggage ticket.
  • Surgeons reef: we're a bit stuck on this one, there was a comment on cutlass injuries from pirates...
  • Thumb knot: could be done in the end of the bandage, which is standing in as a handkerchief, to remind you of something.
  • The last thing needed was a plait, but I'll leave that to someone else to incorporate!

Further variations: Use as an outdoor widegame with bases, and of course pirates, probably with water guns, storms, looking for buried treasure on deserted islands, trails etc. Add in some nautical games like captains coming and some indoor compass work or map drawing for inside and possibly a craft, or making a woggle or Turks head mat.

Get the youngest/least experienced to show you/the tester the knots

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