Games for teaching knots
(compilation from GuidingUK's Yahoo Group messages)

  • You can learn knots with strawberry or licquorice laces, and they get to eat the knot once it is done correctly.

  • There is a game where they stand/sit in a circle & have to try to tie a clove hitch (or other knot) round their neighbour's leg before their other neighbour ties one round theirs.

  • You can give each patrol, say, 20 identical length pieces of string/rope/wool and 3 minutes, whichever patrol produces the longest securely tied chain wins.

  • If you want to do lashings there are some great uses (stilts or a bipod that they can walk on) which are explained in GFI Get Moving (not the new official one, our UNofficial one, on this website)

  • There is a knots wide game on this site which is great fun & could be done in the meeting hall.

  • Girls get length of rope and divide Guides into 2. One group holds one end of rope and other group holds other end. They then make a knot (reef etc) without letting go of either end. You could also divide the unit into 4 or 6 groups if you have enough girls, give a rope between two groups, and have a race.

  • Try mini pioneering with canes and string - loads of ideas in Guide Knotting book

  • Mini camp gadgets with cocktail sticks and string.

  • Pair girls up and get them to tie reef knot etc. with hands joined - they will have to think which are best hands to join!

  • Friendship bracelets are good too but not just plaiting - again there's loads of info around.

  • Blindfold challenges are fun also -try 1 blindfolded and 1 issuing instructions.

  • Do knots that have a use and show how to use it so it all becomes relevant. eg clove hitch for the top of a flag and the start of all pioneering projects, packers knot for bedding rolls and parcels.

  • If you wear neckers you can go on to turks head woggles or make key rings using decorative knots like flat and portugese sennets.

  • For a more complex knotting project, try a lanyard!