BOGUK interest badges

BOGUK in the kitchen

Complete clauses 1 and 2 and five others, which provide a personal challenge to you.

1. Be aware of safety in the kitchen. Share this knowledge with a group of Guides in any way you choose, e.g. quiz, drama etc

2. Be aware of good hygiene practices in the kitchen and demonstrate this both at home and at a camp, holiday or other event where multiple people are in attendance.

3. Plan (& implement!) a menu for your family for two weeks, paying attention to cost, leftovers and your families likes and dislikes. At the end of the two weeks, evaluate the menu - did the family enjoy it? Did you eat better or worse than before?

4. Research the variety of supermarkets in your area. Do a "basket test" to compare the prices of 10-20 basic items. Why do you shop in your usual store? Is there an alternative?

5. Do a "taste test" of 3 varieties of each of 5 food items (e.g. baked beans, sliced white bread, cornflakes) You should use one brand name, a supermarket own-brand and a no-frills store like Aldi.

6. Go vegetarian (or vegan) for a week!

7. Learn to make two new sauces, such as hollandaise, Apple, Mustard, or Parsley.

8. Demonstrate four new or unusual ways of cooking potatoes (for example baked in jacket, creamed, croquettes, lyonnaise). Try to move away from chips, boiled, mashed & jacket!

9. Find out about particular diets that people might follow for health reasons. Cook a dish that is suitable for one of the following diets: diabetic, gluten-free, low fat, lactose-free.

10. Cook a traditional dish from a country other than the UK, using authentic ingredients, cooking methods and eating utensils where possible.

11. Complete a Food Hygiene course

12. Cook a meal using convenience foods and then make the same dish entirely from fresh ingredients. For example, spaghetti Bolognese can be made using a ready-mix or jar of sauce or from fresh ingredients like tomatoes, garlic and basil - you could even try using fresh pasta. Discuss which tastes better and why? How does the cost compare?

13. Hold a dinner party for at least 4 people, consisting of at least 3 courses.

14. Experiment with home made baby foods. How can you alter the flavours and introduce baby to new tastes and flavours without adding salt or sugar.

15. Make a dish using a specialist piece of cooking equipment, e.g. slow cooker, ice-cream maker, bread machine, pasta maker etc.

16. Cook a variety of dishes using each of the following types of pastry. Know the uses of each type. At least two of the pastries should be homemade.

17. Learn a new skill, such as working with Filo pastry, bread making, barbecuing or similar.

18. Challenge yourself to a Ready, Steady, Cook challenge. Ask a friend or family member to select several items from your store cupboard and make a meal from them!

19. Adapt and enhance food to make it more appealing. Take convenience food or prepackaged food and add your own finishing touches and garnishes to turn it into something special. E.g. Add seasoning and a little cream to tinned soup, add fresh herbs and mushrooms to a casserole, or .

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