Just One Night
Tune : John Brown's Body

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I went along to Brownies just to help them out one day,
I must have done a decent job as I was asked to stay,
I really didn't have the time to do the job just right,
But the Guiders all assured me that it only took one night.

Chorus: This is why I am a Guider (3 times)
'Cos the Guiders all assured me that it only took one night!

The District meeting came along and I was asked to go,
It's sad to say the treasurer was ill and didn't show,
So I was asked to take the job and I replied I might,
As the others all assured me it would only take one night.


One day the new commissioner was putting up a tent,
She said with great relief to me "My Dear, you're heaven sent,
I need a Camp Advisor and I know your time is tight,
But I really do assure you that it only takes one night".


The staff at County came to ask if I would give a hand,
To help to plan the AGM and organise a band,
I said I really couldn't and I put up quite a fight,
But then they went and told me that it only took one night.


I've spent so long in uniform my blood is navy blue,
My friends and family think I'm mad, and maybe so do you,
But I'm so proud and happy I'd complain with all my might
If my many jobs in Guiding really only took one night!

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