Props: blanket screen held up by two Guides
iron and ironingboard / table
assortment of clothes male and female

NOTE : the Guide behind the blanket and all the props need to get in place without the audience seeing them

From behind the held up blanket a selection of clothes are thrown over the top of the blanket one item at a time. The clothes need to be for a male and a female and they have to be thrown in order of undressing ie trousers, skirt, followed by a blouse , and shirt. Then lacy pants and a pair of boxer shorts Female voice from behind curtain ; '' Wow!! It's all done'' The two Guides who are holding up the blanket screen allow it to fall to show a Guide doing the ironing .


Guide patrol lined up being questioned byPL :

PL : what did you have for breakfast?

Guide ' penguins on toast'

PL :.what did you have for elevenses?

Guide ' penguin biscuits and squash

PL : what did you have for lunch?

Guide 'penguin sandwiches'

PL : what did you have for tea?

Guide 'penguin stew with dumplings'

PL :what did you have for supper?

Guide ' penguin soup'

PL :goes to head of the line

PL : ' patrol attention , quick waddle.'

Guides waddle off like penguins

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