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Home-skills : Complete six clauses which provide a personal challenge to you. You should demonstrate safety awareness at all times.

1. Know how to clean windows. Try several different products till you find one that suits you. If possible try an "old fashioned" method e.g. newspaper and vinegar. Clean all the inside windows in your home, and the outside ones where possible.

2. Thoroughly clean and disinfect a bathroom or shower room. Try several different products over a few weeks. Which work best?

3. Learn how to iron one of the following, and practice till you are proficient: Pleats Trousers with creases Silk Viscose or similar highly-creasing synthetic material

4. Know the meaning of the symbols on the labels of clothes.

5. Thoroughly spring clean and de-junk a room in your house. Find a home for every thing, clean, dust, polish and sweep!

6. Keep a room clean and tidy for at least a month!

7. Join an email list that helps you to get organised at home. Carry out some of their suggestions!

8. Clean a cooker hob and oven.

9. Evaluate five or more different products designed to keep your home smelling nice (e.g. scented candles, air freshener sprays). Which work the best?

10. Clean, dust and polish the entrance to your home to make it look inviting. This should include any curtains, windows, getting rid of cobwebs in corners etc

11. Entertain friends at a dinner party (at least 4 people in total), which you have prepared. Be aware of the planning and organisation required to host such an event.

12. Wash a carpet, either by using a carpet cleaner, or by hand.

13. Create a centrepiece for a table using materials of your choice for a specific occasion. This could be made of flowers, candles, cloth, food, and should suit both the occasion and the rest of the setting for the table.

14. Hand wash a garment. Know what fabrics should be handwashed, the detergents to use etc.

15. Treat stains such as blood, ink, wine and wax on a variety of fabrics including carpets and upholstery.

16. Know the correct order to wash up, and adopt it!

17. Lay a table for a formal or celebratory dinner.

18. Polish brass, silver or similar articles.

19. Clean a fridge and defrost a freezer.

20. Sort laundry, load a washing machine and set the correct programme.

21. Load a dishwasher and set the programme. Know how to clean it, and refill the salt etc.

22. Load a tumble dryer and set the programme. Know how to clean the filter etc.

23. Lay and light a fire in an open grate or wood burner. Clean the grate.

24. Evaluate "hot spots" in your home where junk accumulates (e.g. the side of the stairs, the kitchen table). What sort of junk accumulates there? How can you reduce it? Is there an alternative (e.g. a designated filing tray)

25. Dust and polish all the surfaces in a room. Know what surfaces you cannot use polish on.

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