CAMP THEMES : International Camp

Ideas for Names

Patrols (their choice)
Hong Kong

Guider's Tents : NATO
Patrol Tents : United Nations
Store Tents : EEC
Cooking/Eating area : Greenpeace
First Aid Tents : World Health Organisation



Crafts :
China – fans, kites, lanterns;
Italy -pasta pictures, models of : gondola (paper boat, must float) L/T. of Pisa;
USA - Friendship bracelets ("Indian beadwork");
UK - corn dollies;
India - henna hand/foot painting , floating sand pictures (rangoli), Diwali lamps;
Japan - origami dolls & birds, "bonsai";
Canada - flower weaving;
Nigeria - tie – dye;
All - peg dolls.

Games & outdoor activities : We cheated and recycled the Olympic Games, this time with the "countries" vying for medals rather than as individuals. We also played team games representing other countries : Baseball (USA) – it still ended up suspiciously like rounders - Cricket (Australia), Touch Rugby (Wales), Crazy Golf (Scotland).


Menu We always do a full English breakfast, and fresh fruit, cheese and biscuits are always available ad. lib, but for the other meals, every day had a different country :
France – continental breakfast, French bread, cheese and fruit for lunch, Coq au vin for our main (evening meal) with garlic bread and (non-alcoholic) wine.
India – only the evening meal as we were off-site all day : self-service buffet of various curries, poppadums, nan bread, rice, chutneys, fresh fruit and (tinned) tropical fruit salad.
China - Chinese leaf salad for lunch, with tinned lychees; Sweet-and sour chicken with stir-fried veg. and rice, spring rolls (bought), fortune cookies and China tea.
USA - snack lunch of tuna or cheese salads, potato crisps, popcorn and coca cola, evening barbecue – burgers, hot dogs, potato waffles, tomato ketchup, Mississippi Mud Pie etc and more coca cola.
Italy - “Risotto” – cold rice salad for lunch, Spaghetti bolognese and camp-fire pizza in the evening, with ice-cream specially brought in.
England - Fish-and-chips from the chippy for lunch; roast beef, Yorkshire puds, potatoes and 2 veg, (with gravy) plus sponge pudding and custard.

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