BOGUK interest badges


Complete clauses 1 - 3 and any three other clauses which provide a personal challenge to you.

1. Show that you can do the following: § Sew a badge or name tape on neatly by hand, showing that you can thread a needle and start and finish off hand sewing neatly § Sew on a button

2. Have a working knowledge of a sewing machine. Know how the wind a bobbin and thread the machine. Know how to change a needle and a foot. Know how to do forward and reverse sewing. Know how to change the tension and/or thread length.

3. Know the following:

  • The difference between natural and man-made fibres, and how to care for and launder each type
  • The suitability of fabrics for different types of garment
  • The importance of using the right thread and trimmings for each fabric.

Dress Making
4. Use a pattern to make a simple garment. Choose a suitable fabric, and know how to lay the pattern on the fabric. Make up the finished garment.

5. Learn how to use a dressmakers dummy to fit a garment.

6. Adapt a pattern by lengthening or shortening etc, or use several parts of patterns to create a unique garment which provides a personal fit.

7. Make two garments which demonstrate at least four of the following:

  • Two or more methods of making seams
  • Two or more methods of neatening raw edges
  • Disposing of fullness
  • Finishing a hem
  • Setting in a sleeve
  • Making a buttonhole
  • Setting on a collar
  • Putting in a zip
  • Putting in a pocket
  • Working with difficult fabrics

8. Help to make or adapt the costumes for a gang show, play etc,

9. Help to make a formal dress such as a ball gown, wedding dress or similar. Know how to work with the material chosen, the importance of making forms from cheap fabric and how to ensure a good fit.

Other forms of needle craft
10. Make an article using patchwork.

11. Make a pair of curtains or similar. Choose a suitable fabric. Know how measure, allowing for joins and fullness and how to ensure that the hem is straight.

12. Make a useful article for your home, such as cushion covers, laundry bags etc.

13. Make an article using a highly patterned fabric, showing that you can match a pattern successfullly. Know how to place a pattern on the fabric to achieve a pleasing result round darts, gathers, seams etc.

14. Make an article which uses appliqué (by hand or machine)

15. Make a soft toy or teddy bear

16. Learn a new form of needlecraft and complete a project.

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