More Games for Guides

Seaweed –
All the girls line up across one side of the hall; they are the `fish'. A girl stands in the centre of the hall. The guider shouts `tidal wave' and all the `fish' try to get across to the other side of the hall, without getting caught by the girl in the middle.
If someone is caught they stay where they were tagged, becoming `seaweed'. On the next call of `tidal wave' the same girl that started remains on and the `fish' try to run to the other side of the hall again. Any girls that have become `seaweed' remain where they were standing but can stretch to catch anyone that runs close enough for them to reach. Eventually there will be only a few or no `fish' left.

Planets –
An old favourite which require some preparation, but once a kit has been made for it then it can be played again and again.
Set up: Circles cut out of different coloured card (these can be various sizes ranging from about 15cm wide) saying; Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun and a crescent shaped moon. These could be covered in sticky backed plastic to make then more durable.
Small index cards with; Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun and Moon written on. Also one with a star drawn on.

Distribute the cards on the floor around the hall. The command `rockets take off' is called. The girls run around the room. When `Comets coming' is called they go and stand next to a planet.
Make sure all the planets are called before allowing people to pair up. Select an index card at random. Call out the name of the planet on the card. Anyone standing on this planet is out and the index card and circle are removed from the game. The game continues like this until there is only one planet left. The girl or girls on this planet are the winners. The only different action in the game is if the card with the star is picked, in which case everyone is safe for that go, no one is out.

Kabish Kaboom –
There are two teams who stand in a row facing each other at opposite ends of the hall, they decide whether they want to be giants, wizards or goblins between themselves without letting the other team know.
They then walk towards each other saying 'Kabish, Kaboom, Kabish, Kaboom, 1, 2, 3' on 3 they stop and do the appropriate action for whatever they have chosen. It then works like scissors, stone and paper. Giants beat Wizards, Wizards beat Goblins and Goblins beat Giants. Whichever team 'wins' chases the other team and anyone that is caught before they touch the wall that they had just come from joins the team that they were caught by. The game is then repeated until you are left with only a couple on one team.

The actions are 'Kabish, Kaboom' - night fever type action in time with the words. '1, 2, 3' no actions just 3 paces forward. 'Giant' arm stretched up above head. 'Wizard' arms out straight in front of you waving fingers (casting a spell). 'Goblin' crouching down.

Three simple games -
1)"Bring me": Guides at one end, in teams, leader at other end. Call out "bring me... your youngest guide" or "bring me... a pencil" etc., first team to bring what's requested gets a point.

2)Girls stand in a circle, with one in the middle holding a soft ball. She calls "everyone who's wearing trainers" and throws the ball, everyone who fits the call tries to grab the ball, and whoever grabs it gets to call next. Anyone with a brother / at Name school / who is 10 / who likes Neighbours / who's made their promise...

3)Same as above only everyone sits in a circle in chairs, and the girl in the middle doesnt' have a chair. Everyone who fits the call must get up and change chairs, the girl in the middle tries to grab a seat.

The change seats one can fit with a theme too - name them round the circle A, B, C, D and the middle girl calls out one of the 4. We did it with the 4 world centres & got more ambitious by calling out "India" so all the "Sangam" girls had to leap up. On "WAGGGS" everyone had to change.