BOGUK interest badges


Complete five clauses, which provide a personal challenge to you.

1. Act as a member of the PR team for a major Guiding event, such as an International Camp

2. Prepare a presentation, suitable for a non-Guiding audience, about Guiding, and the skills that are transferable to the workplace.

3. Give a five minute verbal presentation about Guiding using some visual aids.

4. Prepare a presentation on one aspect of Guiding, suitable for a Division AGM or similar.

5. Obtain media coverage for a major Guiding event or activity.

6. Read your local and National newspapers for a month. How many times was Guiding portrayed? Were the reports favourable? Unfavourable? What image was given? Show the reports to a non-Guiding person and ask their reactions. What did you learn from this?

7. Contribute to a National, Region or County Marketing & Public Relations Forum.

8. Prepare a Press Release about a Guiding activity.

9. Look at your locality through the eyes of a newcomer. Can you find information about Guiding? Is it available in the library, Tourist Information Centre, shops that sell Guide uniform etc? Place posters or leaflets in those areas, and any others you can think of! Look at the places where young people (and adults!) gather in your area. Evaluate the possibilities of placing posters or leaflets about Guiding in those areas.

10. Write an article about one aspect of Guiding, suitable for a Parish magazine or similar.

11. Take part in an event to promote Guiding. This could be a roadshow, STOMP, ROAR or similar.

12. Arrange a visit for a group to a local newspaper, radio or television station.

13. Take part in a radio or television broadcast about some aspect of Guiding.

14. Prepare a static display about one aspect of Guiding suitable for a library, road show or similar.

15. Prepare and carry out a simple survey to determine the image of Guiding amongst your friends, colleagues, or the children in local schools. Report the findings to your District.

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