Ghost Story

The narrator selects her victims from the audience : it may help if the first few actually know this routine, but the last ones must most certainly be in the dark.

They all line up, facing the audience, with the storyteller at one end of the line and the preferred innocent at the other. The storyteller instructs each one in the line to repeat what she says, passing it along to the next person in line, until the message reaches the end, whereupon the end person says "What happened next?" and that gets passed back up the line.

The storyteller begins :"I went for a walk last night..." (passes along the line...what happened next comes back etc.)"I took a short cut through the cemetery.....what happened next?..." "I saw a ghost..." "It went like this..."(extends one arm and keeps it there)...."then it went like this..." (extends other arm - both arms now extended)..."then it went like this...." (squats down, arms still extended, much wobbling about etc.)..."then it went like this..." (pushes person next to her and all go down in domino effect.)