BOGUK interest badges


Complete all clauses. Throughout, you should know how to use, store and clean the equipment and tools you use in your crafts.

1. Complete a major craft project that extends your skills in some way. You may wish to try a new technique, a larger project or producing a gift for somebody.

2. Teach somebody else one of the crafts you used in your first "BOGUK gets crafty" - this could be a group of Guides, a neighbour or even your Mum! Make sure you think how you may need to adapt the craft for the age group, for a person with a disability or for using limited resources.

3. Either : a) Create (ie design yourself!) a craft using "scraps" of materials you have around the house and that might otherwise be thrown away (recycling!)
OR b) Create (ie design yourself) a craft suitable for using as a fundraiser

4. Complete 5 more craft projects, at least one of which uses a craft which is new to you.
The others should extend your existing knowledge or develop new skills.
You may like to extend the skills you chose for your first badge, or try some new ones.

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