BOGUK interest badges


Complete Clauses 1 and 2 and a further three of your choice. Throughout, you should know how to use, store and clean the equipment and tools you use in your crafts.

1. Using existing craft skills, undertake a major project that extends your skills in some way. You may wish to try a new technique, a larger project or producing a gift for somebody.
OR Learn a new skill, and develop it over a period of time, and undertake a major project using that skill.

2. Make three greetings cards using a different technique for each, e.g. pressed flowers, quilling, rubber stamps, decoupage etc. These should be of a standard you would not be embarrassed to send!

Complete three smaller projects, at least one of which uses a craft which is new to you. The others should extend your existing knowledge or develop new ones. You may like to choose some of the following, or develop your own challenges using crafts of your choice.

3. Make and decorate a candle. Extend your knowledge by using different shaped moulds, scents or decorative techniques.

4. Use Pyrography to create a design on an eggcup, woggle or similar.

5. Learn the simple techniques of bobbin-lace, and create a bookmark. Extend your knowledge by learning new stitches or trying a more complex design.

6. Experiment with paper to decorate greetings cards or other items. You may want to try origami, teabag folding, corrugating etc.

7. Successfully press 4 different types of flower, leaf or other natural material. Know how to press different types of flower. Mount your pressed flowers in an attractive way.

8. Paint a picture, or decorate an article with paint. Extend your knowledge by trying a new technique, such as oils, acrylics etc

9. Using at least 3 craft techniques, make and decorate two or more gift boxes, trinket boxes or similar.

10. Using Parchment craft, make a greetings card or similar. Extend your knowledge by using colour, or new techniques.

11. Have a go at Calligraphy. Extend your knowledge by learning new fonts or techniques.

12. Have a go at Quilling, and decorate some greetings cards. Extend your knowledge by creating new designs or using different papers.

13. Decorate a medium other than paper, such as glass, silk or ceramic, using an appropriate technique. Extend your knowledge by decorating a larger object, using a more complicated design or different techniques.

14. Engrave a picture on a glass object or panel. Extend your knowledge by creating your own design and engraving a glass or similar object.

15. Have a go at 3D or flat decoupage. Extend your knowledge by adding glazes or using new designs.

16. Try pottery and sculpt a pot or other object. Extend your knowledge using different glazes, creating a different item (e.g. a teapot) or by using a new type of clay.

17. Try tatting, and create a place mat or doily.

18. Make an item of jewellery, such as earrings. Extend your knowledge by increasing the complexity of your design, using semi precious stones or creating brooches, necklaces etc

19. Make a flower arrangement from fresh or dried flowers. Extend your knowledge by using unusual flowers, or creating designs for different occasions.

20. Decorate a T-shirt using a technique such as tie-dying, screen printing or fabric painting

21. Decorate some writing paper or greetings cards using rubber stamping. Extend your knowledge by using embossing, colour or other techniques.

22. Have a go at cross stitch and produce a design suitable for a greetings card *

23. Use fimo, cold porcelain or similar modelling material to create flowers, models or ornaments.

24. Experiment with fun foam and create several designs. Extend your knowledge by creating some new designs suitable for using with a unit or by producing a more complex article.

25. Make a Hairy Boguk using any form of "craft" you wish!

26. Create a training session, introduction booklet or similar on a craft of your choice. This could be for adults, or to use with a unit, but should relate to a craft skill not "swaps" type crafts.

* for novice embroiderers only. Experienced cross-stitchers should look at BOGUK gets needled.

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